Ring Sizing

Unfortunately fingers come in different sizes. This generally means that we need to make rings in different sizes as well.

However all is not lost, we have the technology to do this, if you are able to tell us your ring size.


We have a couple of ways we can do this:

You can buy one of our disposable ring sizers here. We will give you a refund of the amount of you decide to buy the ring. This is the easiest and most accurate method.

You can place one of your existing rings over a ring sizing chart. A couple of things to make note of if you decide to do this. Over time rings loose their roundness, especially thin ones. This makes comparing them to a round shape difficult. When jewellers check the size of a ring, we want to 'true it up first'. This is done in the same way it was manufactured, with a hammer. Not something you want to try yourself. If you don't have a ring, try using a little tape (sticky size out) to make one. Remember it needs to slide over your knuckle!

If this doesn't make sense, or will not work for you, please drop us a line

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